Sustainable business practices

These are second nature to us. But it’s the only way to work if what you produce is a product of nature.

Sustainably produced flowers and plants

Our move to a highly sustainable industrial building in 2018 meant taking a big step towards a green (sustainable) enterprise. The 2,000 solar panels on the roof provide the majority of our energy needs; the building has no connection to a supply of natural gas; we have achieved climate-neutral operation;, and our waste products are separated and, whenever possible, recycled. Rainwater and wastewater are treated and recycled. Dozens of charging points on our site encourage the use of electric cars.

Bloominess processes organically grown products and supplies only sustainably produced flowers and plants. This can be seen in:

Corporate social responsibility

Bloominess supports various social causes and pays great attention to the well-being of its employees. EcoVadis is an independent organization that assesses the policy of companies in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With the assessment, Bloominess’s presentations were assessed within the following four themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. Bloominess has received the Platinum rating from EcoVadis. This makes the company one of the top 1% of the best-scoring companies in this sector in terms of sustainability performance.



  • Waste separation & recycling
  • Smart logistics (for the purpose of CO2 reduction)
  • Green Car leasing
  • A pleasant working environment for employees